Flow Link is committed to provide quality Cast steel products and Valves cost effectively by continual improvement in process and systems, meeting customer expectations and requirements.

Flow link is committed to promote a safe and clean environment for society by combining efforts with customers, suppliers, employees and community.

Testing Facilities

  • In-house Inspection facilities
  • Independent labs for each foundry unit
  • Chemical Analysis
  • Vacuum emission direct reading spectrometers - 26 elements
  • Universal Testing Machine equipped with electronic extensometer
  • Hardness Testing - Capable of checking hardness by Brinell - and Rockwell methods. Portable Brinell meeting ASTM E 110 and Equo-tip equipment
  • Impact Testing - Charpy impact testing machine, with low temperature testing down to minus 196 °C (using liquid Nitrogen) as per ASTM E 23 and ISO 148
  • In-house lab equipped to perform Inter Granular Corrosion Test on Stainless steels. Facility to conduct pitting corrosion test, ferrite examination are available
  • In -house Radio graphic enclosure and film developing room with IR 192 source
  • Micro Structure Analysis
  • Magnetic Particle Testing
  • Penetrant Testing
  • Ultrasonic Testing
  • Hydro Test up to 12000 PSI testing pressure
  • Seat Welding by ROBO (MIG)